Age Logic Cellulaire

Age Logic Cellulaire


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Gives new strength and new life to skin with sluggish cells, specifically combats each symptom of skin aging.

The combination of cell energy (ATP and actin energy), with the regenerative power of the cell nutrient solution stimulates the activity of the cells.

The cell energy reactivates the cells of mature skin that have become sluggish over time.
In just one month, a reduction in the visible signs of skin aging can be observed

Key active ingredients
ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate (stores and provides energy for vital cellular functions)
Actinergy (increases the supply of oxygen to the cells via the mitochondria by stimulating their metabolism)
Cell Nutrient Solution + Sepitonic: provide the essential elements needed for cell life and regeneration.
Vitamins E and C + antiglycation agent (combats the formation of free radicals and inhibits glycation).

Application and suitable products
Apply in the morning and in the evening to the face, cleansed to the pores; for mature and/or very tired skin
Care products according to the needs of the skin

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