Guinot | Creme Night Logic | 50 ml

Creme Night Logic


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50 ml
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Emotions, lack of sleep, noise, light.... The day is a stressor for the skin, which puts the organism to the test every day.

The skin is tired from these multiple aggressions and it manifests itself in the complexion: the facial features appear tense and drawn and the complexion dull.

If the skin is stressed during the day, the muscles contract, the regenerative layer is less moisturised and the skin loses energy as the microcirculation slows down and the oxygen supply is impeded.

At night, the skin relieves stress and enters an active resting phase. The new Night Logic Cream by Guinot works specifically against stress and tension at night!

This night cream moisturizes, activates cellular metabolism and promotes microcirculation for better blood flow and diffusion of biological energy. The skin is relaxed when you wake up, because after a good night's rest, the complexion regains all its freshness.

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