Intensive Moisture Cleanser

Intensive Moisture Cleanser


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Even dry skin can feel good after cleansing!

BioReplenish Complex™, combined with botanical actives and a lipid formula, protects the skin barrier while cleansing.

Intensive Moisture Cleanser features a lipid-enriched surfactant system that makes it twice as effective at removing long-lasting makeup while nourishing skin.

Cleansers can damage the skin's lipid barrier, leaving skin feeling dry and tight. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser helps preserve your skin's lipids so it doesn't feel like a dry cleanse.

Together with Intensive Moisture Cleanser, these Dermalogica innovations can help break the endless cycle of lipid breakdown and dehydration by proactively maintaining a healthy skin lipid barrier.

What causes dry skin?

The latest science shows that healthy skin starts with the right balance of a strong lipid barrier, hydration, and an optimal microbiome (aka microbial environment). When any of these factors are imbalanced, skin looks and feels compromised.

How does Dermalogica help?

Switch cleansers to a nourishing, lipid-enriched formula like Intensive Moisture Cleanser that removes impurities while minimizing damage to critical barrier lipids. This can help retain moisture and address dry skin issues.

In addition to minimizing lipid damage through thorough cleansing, it is important to moisturize with Intensive Moisture Balance, which contains nourishing lipids as well as ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help restore the barrier and restore moisture.

Using a moisturizing toner after cleansing and before moisturizing can also help improve results.

You can also avoid cleansing with hot water, which can further damage the lipid barrier and dry out your skin. Instead, try using lukewarm water and cover your skin if necessary (such as when hand washing).

Wearing sunscreen to limit UV damage can also help protect your skin barrier.

- Protects against dryness

- Provides a smoother feel after cleansing.

- Rinses away easily, leaving skin cleaner, softer and more radiant.

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