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Stress Positive Eye Lift


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Stress Positive Eye Lift, an eye mask and skincare in one product for those who want to live active and look relaxed.


+ Delivers instant smoothing and lifting effect.
+ Visible reduction of puffiness
+ Revitalizes the skin and strengthens the skin's own barrier
+ Evens out dark circles
+ Works with the natural microflora

+ Balances
+ Smoothes
+ Refreshes
+ purifies
+ active / multi-active
+ positive against stress
+ remains on the skin
+ protects

Benefits for skin health:

Radiant eyes, cooling freshness

+ indigolupin seed (dyer's pod) balances and visibly reduces dark circles under the eyes

+ Sea water extract and arctic algae reduce puffiness

+ Fementated yeast and a unique blend of hyaluronic acids tighten the skin and create a lifting effect

+ Bioactive Diglucosyl Gallic Acid works with the human biome to balance and energize the eye contour

+ A cooling massage applicator revitalizes the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed

The Stress Positive Eye Lift Story

It is undisputed that stress has negative effects on our health. However, recent studies show that stress can also have positive effects on us: For example, it increases our attention, concentration and energy. While stress is characterized on the one hand by an excessive workload and permanent time pressure, it can also be our inner driving force, motivating and activating us to achieve our goals.

This more beneficial way of looking at stress is also called positive stress or eustress (from the Greek prefix "eu - good") and is considered a healthy cognitive response to stress that produces positive feelings and satisfaction. Furthermore, eustress can lead us to be more motivated, energetic and productive. The skincare experts at Dermalogica took these findings as an opportunity to take a closer look at stress and, accordingly, developed Stress Positive Eye Lift, a fast-acting eye care that visibly revitalizes the eye contour and reduces the signs of stress.

This active cooling care cream mask visibly revitalizes the eye area and reduces the negative signs of stress in just 3 minutes. Is positioned as eye care in the Daily Skin Health line. Stress Positive Eye Lift is a fast-acting product that optimizes her life and keeps her looking forward.

Target Audience:

Stress Positive Eye Lift is just right for those who live their lives to the fullest. They strive to achieve their career goals and still find time to experience things from their wish list. Managing this balancing act can lead to late nights and stressful situations. But they know how to handle it and make adjustments to their lives. Achieving these goals accordingly, with stress, little sleep and fatigue, can affect the eye area. Dehydration, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes are typical signs. Our goal is to optimize and make their lives more enjoyable with a quick results product.


Apply Stress Positive Eye Lift generously to cleansed eye area using the cooling massage applicator. Leave on as a mask for three to five minutes and then either massage in or remove the residue with a cosmetic tissue. Alternatively, use the Dermalogica Eye Lift DIY, an exclusive three-step massage technique. It further intensifies the balancing and energizing effects of the eye care. Follow with the recommended Dermalogica Eye Care. Use as needed - as a small energy boost in between or daily to combat chronic eye fatigue.

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